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  1. How do I simply put a text statement on the lower right side of my blog?

  2. By using a widget.

    There are many more options available with widgets, so have a look here:

    Hope that helps. :)

  3. Thanks much....

  4. Sorry 'bout that. The text widget replaced the standard (blogroll, etc). Is there a way to "add" it below the standard items?

  5. So when you placed it in the sidebar you lost all but the text one?

    You can assign which widgets you want where in Dashboard --> Presentation --> Widgets. Look at the big box at the bottom and move the desired ones to the sidebar at the top, including blogroll and whatever else you want.

  6. Yes, I lost the rest of the sidebar. I'll take another look.

  7. I've looked at the widgets page and see no way of "adding" a text widget without eliminating the rest of the sidebar.

  8. Ok, so your current sidebar is the default one that comes with the theme and once you place a text widget in there the default one changes to just reflect that?

    Well, your default sidebar has thse widgets:

    They are located at the bottom of the Dashboard > Presentation> Widgets as well, so if you place them in the top box, then place the text widget in there you should have everything. :)

  9. Done (mostly), but now the blogroll is missing and there is no widget for that. :-(

  10. The widget is called "Links".

  11. Thanks much. Finally got it to where I wanted it....

  12. Great! I'm glad to hear you resolved this. :)

  13. Well, I didn't... you guys did! And I appreciate it.

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