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    Having purchased the css customization I would like to increase the space between lines of text in the body of a post/page globally.

    The blog I need help with is ronmayhewphotography.wordpress.com.



    How can I make the header tag line a hyperlink?



    The site title and tag line overlap


    Add this to your custom CSS and adjust the 16px value as you desire. It will adjust the line spacing in the post/page content.

    body {
    line-height: 16px !important;

    The site title and tag line overlap

    That was happening because of this font shorthand property you were using on “body” earlier:

    font:12px/16px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    In this case, I would recommend leaving the “/16px” part out of any lines like that, especially if you’re going to use a separate line-height rule anyway.

    I also see this in your current custom CSS:

    header {
    	line-height: 50px !important;

    You don’t need to use “!important” there, but you also don’t need the rule at all if you apply “line-height” just to the main content area. Here is an example, try replacing all of the custom CSS you have so far with this instead:

    body {
    .main-content {
    	line-height: 2em;

    Note that you can adjust the “2em” number to something smaller like “1.5em” if you’d like.



    That helps a lot. Thank you.

    Is it possible to decrease the font size and they not be all caps for the “Categories” ans “Tags” at the bottom of a standard post?


    Yep! You should definitely look into a tutorial about CSS too:

    And learning how to use your browser’s built in web inspector will help tons. Right-click a category or tag at the bottom of a post and select the “Inspect Element” option, then click on the element or the parent element and the CSS that applies to the element you clicked on will appear on the right. It’s a handy way to figure out what the theme is doing and then override it with a new rule by copying and adjusting.

    In this case, you have to use “!important” to override the font size rules set by the Custom Fonts feature. And you can use the “text-transform” property to adjust the caps. Here is an example to get you started:

    .cat-links, .tag-links {
    	font-size: 13px !important;
    	text-transform: inherit;

    See this page for more info on the “text-transform” properties and what values you can use:



    When posting some poetry it looks fine during review/preview/ & edit but after publishing it the line spacing between stanzas are eliminated and no line spacing is presented. Can you help? THANKS.


    @oldlion05, start with this:

    If you don’t find what you need there, please start a new help request and make sure to link to an example.

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