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    So as I have always done, I start a new post, upload pictures, then begin writing a post. At some point I realize maybe I should save a draft and and I hit “save draft” and the page rebuilds and WHAMMO…all my text is magically gone. Three times this has happened this week (never had this problem in 3 years) and I have lost now around 6 pages of text…and had to rewrite from scratch.
    Besides writing my text in a word program where I can save it…and then cutting and pasting it into WordPress…I don’t know what to do. And that would be fucking archaic.
    Needless to say I find this to be very very very frustrating…and I wonder if I should just find another fucking blogging program to use because I can’t fucking imagine this should be a problem. IT’S THE DAMN SAVE DRAFT BUTTON!!!
    Can you guys fix this now or I will find somewhere else to go and not have to rewrite everything three times…never knowing if when I hit save what I’ve done with be lost?

    The blog I need help with is berlinamerikaner.com.

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