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text mode (visual vs text)

  1. I thought text (used to be called html) option is to add html code. So i found some html code ( ) and tried to paste it in the text area but it did not compile the html code. it just added it as a text? any idea why text mode there?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can use the text (html) editor to write your posts with plain html code. But if you try to use forbidden code, will strip it out. Here is an article about which code is permitted and which are forbidden:

    Perhaps there is a work-around. What are you trying to do?

  3. thanks for the reply. i am trying to learn how to use html code. i want to learn why text mode there, so i tried to copy and paste html code to see if i can add some nice stuff in my belog. Where can I find example of html code that is allowed in

  4. We cannot change the underlying code on our blogs. Did you read the link I gave you?
    That tells you which html tags you can use.

    If you are trying to use forbidden code, then it will be stripped out.

    You can show the code you are trying to use here in the forum by highlighting it and using the code tag above the comment box. Or place the code between backticks as shown to the left of the comment box.

    backtick is on the key with tilde ~ next to the key with 1 and !

  5. The so-called Text editor allows HTML and inline CSS. The code you found isn't just "some html code", it's javascript, which we're not allowed to use.
    For clocks and other stuff you can use see my relevant posts:

  6. Javascript is forbidden code. If you want a clock widget you can use gigya code in a text widet:

  7. ~~sorry, I need to refresh before posting…
    or just sleep

  8. thanks a lot for all your help. You guys are amazing! thanks indeed.

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