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text not staying put

  1. I've been trying to add captions to some photos, and each time I view the page, the caption text for each photo has moved so that it is all smooshed up together, rather than set apart under each photo as I originally set it. I don't want to wrap text around the photo, I just want a one or two word line under each photo. Help!

  2. There is no feature here at to add captions to images. This can only be done by adding a caption prior to uploading the image.
    From the forum searchbox

  3. search for the 'Post2Blog' off-line blog authoring application (win32 only) -- it'll do captions for you.

    otherwise, I think you'll have to switch to the 'Code' pane of the WP "visual" editor and have some fun with HTML to add a linebreak or two rather often.

  4. Thanks - given my illiteracy with anything involving the dark and mysterious "code", I'll go with inserting captions prior to uploading.

  5. I'm chuckling because I have made the same "easy" choice. :)
    Will you please mark this as "resolved"?

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