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    The third page, “Further into the Dark Forest,” hosts the posts (the first page, “Home,” does not host the posts).

    I would like the text I typed in the editor for that page to appear. It does not.

    My hope is for the page’s text to appear beneath the header and above the posts. Please help…

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is hansel-and-gretel.org.


    Once you set a page as the “posts” page, any text in that page is totally ignored.

    You can create a sticky post and that will appear at the top of your “posts” page until such time as you unstick it.



    Thanks, that works okay (not ideal, but fine), but with a side effect I’m not sure how to manage.

    My preference is to not title this sticky post, so that it only appears as the default “Featured.” When I don’t title however, the post appears as “509” in the Recent Posts Widget.

    Any ideas for making the title of this sticky post as clean/empty as possible?


    Open that post and set the “post type” to aside and the date, title and metadata will disappear from the sticky.


    Sorry, I think I thought of that later and then didn’t get back to this thread to mention it.



    Thanks again – date, title and metadata are gone, but 509 still appears in “Recent Posts.”



    Give the post a title in the editor and then click on the edit link after “published on [date] in the “publish” module and change the date of that post to back before the first post you made and it will disappear from the recent posts list.



    Sacred Path,

    I believe I’ve done so but new title, “Intro Post,” just appears, replacing 509 in Recenet Posts.

    Please know that there exist 5 sticky posts, “Learning is…” etc., I want to appear after this particular featured post, so I had to do the time opposite to what you suggested or the featured post would appear last.

    What am I missing?



    “Further into the Dark Forest” is also the category you have assigned to all your posts. So:
    a) Delete the sticky you used as an introduction (after you copy that intro text).
    b) Go to Posts > Categories, hover over the category name, click Edit, paste the intro text in the Description field, click Update.
    c) Create and activate a custom top menu in which you’ll add the FItDF category, not the FItDF page. Instructions here:

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