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    When I post a blog the text of second line of the title is overlapping the first line.

    See also http://yarpmarketing.com/2013/01/28/effective-marketing-starts-with-knowing-your-customer/

    It does not show when it is the page view: http://yarpmarketing.com/news/

    Anything I can do in CSS to make the blogtitle appear in the same way as the title on the menu page?



    To fix the title overlap, you will want to add this code to your stylesheet:

    .singular .entry-title {
    line-height: 1.5em;

    This should be the same spacing as on the News page, although you can adjust the value to get the effect you like.



    Thanks! I have added the code and the overlap is gone.

    However the format from the blog title is different on the pages. Is there a way to have the blog title look the the same as the title on the pages?

    This is what I also included in the stylesheet:
    .singular .entry-title, .singular .entry-header .entry-meta {
    line-height: 10px;
    margin-bottom: 3px!important;
    margin-top: 3px!important;
    padding-right: 0;



    I’m not sure what you mean by the format being different. Do you mean the font size? Or something else about the formatting? The more specific you can be about the changes you want to make, the easier it is for me to help.

    Alternately, you can try a tool like Firebug to help you identify what parts of the CSS you need to modify.



    OK, let me be a bit more specific :-).

    On the “blogpost page”: http://yarpmarketing.com/2013/01/28/effective-marketing-starts-with-knowing-your-customer/

    The blog title is in a different position and has a different fontsize compared to any other page on the website. Also the text of the blog is in a different position. Maybe this is caused because on the blogpost page I do not see the widget appearing on the side-bar?

    The goal is to have the lay-out the same as on the “page view” like: http://yarpmarketing.com/news/ and
    And all the other pages that can be accessed through the menu.

    Hope that clarifies!


    @yarpm, you appear to have gotten this straightened out, at least as far as the spacing. If you want the font size the same, add the following to .singular .entry-title in your custom CSS.

    font-size: 23px;



    I added the fontsize but the blogpost page:
    still has a different lay-out compared to all the other pages like: http://yarpmarketing.com/news/

    Anything I can do to have the blogpost page the same (title in the same postion and font size, widget added to the right) as all the other pages?



    If I understand correctly, you want the sidebar with widgets to appear on single posts. This is not possible with the Twenty Eleven theme.



    Correct, such that the lay-out of the single post page is the same as the other pages. To bad that it is not possible!

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