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Text on screen switches to undecipherable symbols

  1. evilincandescentbulb

    Sometimes (started ~ a month ago) the text switches from English to undeciperable symbols. Tab anywhere on the screen and it switches back to English. Cannot figure out how to make it happen.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you try disabling all browser add-ons and extensions please?

  3. evilincandescentbulb

    Thanks, that could be the ticket...

  4. evilincandescentbulb

    Nope... that wasn't it. It tried everything to make it happen before posting above. Then voilĂ  -- I got a screen shot of it. Pix and titles and programed headings like "search" and etc are not effected: only the texst in the body of the article.

  5. Aha! Please upload the screenshot(s) to your Media Library and return to this thread to tell Staff the file names. I have flagged this thread for their attention.

  6. Would you please try a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome?

  7. evilincandescentbulb

  8. evilincandescentbulb

    Fyi-- I gave it a go but did not see the problem using Firefox (didn't take up the offer to update plug-ins).

  9. Ok, that's definitely a problem with your copy of Internet Explorer then.

    I don't see the problem in IE 9, would you be able to upgrade to that?

  10. evilincandescentbulb

    Using XP and stuck with IE8 on this computer. I'll try to pay more attention to see if the mystery symbols also show up on a notebook I use--it runs IE9.

  11. Ok, it might also be a corrupt add-on in IE 8. You might want to try disabling all of those, or just reinstalling the browser.

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