Text Reverts While I am Editing a Post

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    Hi folks,
    I am mystified why the text in my post keeps reverting while I am actually typing an edit? I use the Visual Editor to Manage my posts and – since this is a new Blog I have been refining the introductory page numerous times – shortening the text etc.
    If I delete a word and retype a new one – the pahe suddenly ‘refreshes’ without me doing anything – and the text just reverts back to the previous version. It happens so fast that – even if I only want to change a single word – I don’t have time to press the ‘Save’ button. The other wierd thing is that the text cursor keeps disappearing and moving into the Post Title Box – so my typing suddenly appears in the Post title.

    I have not used a word processor to cut and past text and I have not used any HTML directly – just the Visual editor.

    Any advice would be appreciated. The blog is here: http://budgerigars.wordpress.com/





    What browser are you using?



    Hi Vivian,
    I’musing Firefox version 3.0.4


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