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Text running across post when I cut and paste into wordpress

  1. Hello I am having issues with the layout. I usually cut and past from my word program on my PC into the blog post page and it works fine but the last two posts I have done, the text is running over and across and cut off and I cannot align images either. Please help. Is there a better way to cut and paste into my blog to avoid this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Never copypaste from other sources into the Visual editor: you introduce wrong code that messes things up. When you need to paste, paste into the Text editor.
    To correct your last post, switch the editor to Text, delete this from the beginning:
    and this from the end:
    then switch back to Visual and click Update.

  3. Thanks I did that but unfortunately it still wont let my image wrap around the text?I am not sure what is causing that issue.

  4. There's seems to be something hidden (probably because of the copypasting) that makes the editor think the whole text is one word, so it can't fit next to the image. Try this: select all in the Visual editor, copy, switch to Text, select all, paste; then switch back to Visual, re-insert the images and the link, make the headings bold again, update.

  5. And sorry justpi, but your suggestion did not help either. Just a note though, I played around with the appearance and clicked on the DISPLAY button to view my blog in different themes and believe it or not, some themes automatically corrected the error and let me images wrap and align around text as I had hoped for and others did not. Some of the themes showed the text running across the screen and some displayed correctly.

  6. Just fixed it. I cut and paste back into word, removed images, then pasted it again as plain text and added images later. Thanks

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