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Text size

  1. i want to know if i can change the text size in my post, if u can put the html code i´ll be happy

  2. i think the system would filter that kind of html font,size,color...

  3. There is currently no way via WP.

    However someone had suggested and successfully cut and pasted text in the size and color they wanted from a text editor.

  4. but how i can change the size of the text?

  5. As marc suggests, you can try making big text in Word or some other word-processing program, and copy and paste it into the entry box.

    However, there is no guarantee that this will work and it could have unpredictable results. You might be better off using another theme with a bigger default text size instead.

  6. but what i want is to put a greater text to show the most interesting or a quote

  7. then wrap your blockquote's with em tags.

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