Text size keeps changing (in right columns)

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    The text displayed on the two right columns on my WordPress theme have changed to a larger font. It is only on the HOME PAGE … if I select a different PAGE, the text is what is was originally, smaller.

    My web page is


    Maybe you can see what I am talking about.

    Also, I have asked this question but so far no one seems to know why … but occasionally, ENTRIES appear when I load my blog and then for no reason mysteriously disappear from view … so I will see the latest ENTRY followed by a space where the previous entry was … followed by the next most previous entry …

    Very odd and frustrating …

    maybe someone can provide an answer to these concerns without attacking me because I post my email address?

    Ray Hanania
    (email redacted)



    Posting your email address is just not a good idea. You’ll vastly increase the amount of spam you get, and the people in the forum don’t email answers; the forum is here for everyone, so if someone knows the answers they should simply post them, so that future people can refer to them.

    In answer to your questions, are you by chance pasting your entries from either Microsoft Word or from another web page? Both of those can give you unclosed tags that you’re not aware of, so generally it’s recommended that if you must copy and paste, you copy and paste into a Notepad document, which strips out those tags, then copy THAT and paste it in your blog. You will have to re-format, of course. If you want to work outside the blog without having to re-format when you paste it in, use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk.

    As for your second issue, some other people have already reported this problem. Do a forum search for “Disappearing post” and you’ll find several threads on it. As far as I’m aware, there’s no particular fix at the moment, but I might have missed one. Check those threads.


    Thanks for helping … I will check in the past posts … it only happens on the one HOME PAGE though and not when I click on the other PAGES I have created … I will check the past postings to see if any TAGS are open eneded … although having to have people use another word processing system to write and then post seems too much of a hassle for professional writers … seems like there should be a way to ID open tags the way DreamWeaver or other software does … still … I’ll check

    Actually this time, instead of getting “angry attacks” from readers as I did from a prior post, I received about seven emails from people suggesting the same answer. It seems not everyone wants to post on the forum … my spam filter pretty much grabs all the spam …

    thanks though very much for your time and help
    Ray Hanania
    (email redacted)

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