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Text size of posts enlarged for no reason

  1. Heya,

    My blog's posts have all suddenly had a large increase in size of font, what's happening? I haven' edited anything about it.

  2. WOW! I just visited your blog and for the very first time without using ctrl and + I could read all the font on the Benevolence theme. This is not to take away from your concern but what a boon this was to me. Perhaps the theme is being upgraded. If you made no adjustments then that could be a reasonable conclusion. If that's the case, perhaps all the capitalization in the sidebar will be adjusted too as many people have asked for that.
    If staff don't respond to this thread within 24 hours or so then you could send in a feedback and ask.

  3. thefly --

    I just visited your site and the font is very small. I'm on a MacBook Pro under Firefox 2.0.

  4. Fixed.
    You were missing a </font> tag after the word Coffee.

  5. I see large text; I'm using Windows 98, IE6.

  6. I'm using a firefox 2.0 on a Windows XP Pro OS. The font size has now changed to very small. I would guess it to be about 8 point.

  7. I'm using everything :)
    It's the default size now which will differ very slightly across browsers. Smallest on FF2 with XP, largest Opera/Safari.

  8. I use ESP to look at blogs and mind control to type in the forum...

    Sorry, you can delete this useless nugget if you like. ;)

  9. *roflmao* You can delete this useless nuggest too before the two of us get cranked up and start exchanging smart apple quips ... I thought the unexpected magnification of the font on this theme was akin to receiving a gift from the gods ... *lol*

  10. I also do believe there are a lot of problems associated with text size and formatting in many templates.
    I ain't much familiar with html but it would be really great if the wordpress ppl could work on it.

    By the way, I really appreciate their work. Site looks like a firm, young wordpress.

  11. cornell - you've been reading too much Chuck Norris :)

  12. Thanks, I haven't slept for a day so I'm feeling a bit awkward

  13. thefly - no need to feel anything but normal :)

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