Text too close to photo?

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    Forgive me if this is really simple, but I need to create some ‘space’ around my images so that my text isn’t pressed right up against them.

    I’m sure there is a quick way to do this, but if someone could help out a wordpress virgin – I’d appreciate it.

    Many thanks.



    The Pool theme is displaying images exactly as it was coded to do. Are you comfortable with using html and adjusting the margins in the visual rich text code editor?

    If you are not then what you can do is place each image in a program like microsoft paint and adding a border to it in the same colour as your blog’s background prior to uploading.


    I’ve just been using the ‘visual’ way of adding a photo, and only have basic html – so I guess I’m off to play with some borders then. Damn!




    honestly, that’s probably the best way to do it. A lot of the themes override any padding you add via HTML anyway, so adding it yourself with an image editor will make sure you have the border you want.


    Have just added some borders – took less time than I thought and is probably easier than trying to teach myself to code. Thanks guys :)



    I just looked at your elephant garlic post. The image looks great.
    Happy blogging. :)

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