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text/ typing /formatting problems

  1. Every time I post, when I'm typing in the text box the following happens:
    1. The continues to the right, taking me out of past what you can actually see in the post/preview, instead of automatically returning to beginning of the next blank line to continue typing.
    2. The cursor will randomly "hard return" chopping up my sentences, ignore the justifying rules, etc.
    3. I can't seem to justify my entire post - only certain paragraphs.

    This happens with every post. I spend 1/2 my time blogging and the other 1/2 trying to format the text. I'm not adding images, cutting or pasting, just typing.

    I'm on a Mac with OSX operating system. Anyone have these text/fromatting issues? I was thinking of changing the theme/layout and see what that does.

  2. Clarification: For the above, item #1, what I meant to say was:

    When I'm typing, the CURSOR continues to the right, taking me out of the text box, past what you can actually see when I hit preview. The tail end of my sentences are missing. If I hard return, it seems to set the stage for issues 2 and 3 listed.

  3. I'm sorry, I don't have a huge amount of time right now, but my guess is you're using Safari?

    Try installing and using Firefox. Safari has known issues with and the Rich Text Editor.

    Pretty sure that your problems will all go away...


  4. Thanks so much! Switching worked. Along with Safari, add Opera to the list of "has issues with and the rich text editor".

  5. I'm new to wp and posting here. I usually copy & paste my blog posts from a word doc. and then have to edit spacing, mostly line spacing. I'm not sure how to fix it in wp. I don't have the same problem with copy/paste on Blogger. How can I fix the format on wp?

  6. You're not supposed to use Microsoft Word. This explains why:

  7. Clarification to what etclbp said: It's not WordPress directly, it's the TinyMCE editor. Any site that uses it in Visual mode will have the non-breaking space problem that randomly appears in TinyMCE while using Opera. Unfortunately, WP seems to be the only one that provides a Code view, so I have to compose my replies in Notepad for all other sites. Grr...

    nmacdonald: Instead of using Word, use an editor that is meant for blogging, such as Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk.

  8. thistimethisspace

    (wave to abby)
    You may also like to check out icon 16 f - Paste from Word on the advanced editor toolbar

  9. I found message "Error on page" on the status bar when I start creating a new post. The formatting tool bars doesn't appear. Why this happens?

  10. Don't hijack an existing thread; this is a completely different issue. Start a new thread or, better yet, use the search box to find the other threads on this topic, of which there are many.

  11. Thanks. I was really confused as I'm new in using WP

  12. For those of you kind enough to help, I appreciate it.

  13. I found message "Error on page" on the status bar when I start creating a new post. The formatting tool bars doesn't appear. Why this happens? This is happening since a week only.

  14. Please start a new thread for a completely new issue.

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