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Text went white

  1. Hi,

    I recently, yesterday, bought the upgrade so I could do CSS. Anyway, I was working and, suddenly, my text on my featured posts (I'm using Selecta, so the first seven posts on the top) disappeared. I found that the text was still there but anything that wasn't emphasized or linked was white, which matched the background. This didn't happen on any of the other posts except those that were on the front featured posts. The only way I could fix this was to edit the post and make it black again, which not only takes forever, but it also makes the links look weird and then I have to change them, which takes even longer.

    I was wondering if there is any thing wrong I clicked or something for this to happen. If this is what comes with the upgrade then I'd have to refund it, because I cannot deal with that kind of extra time spent. I'd love to hear any solutions.


    In Christ Jesus alone,

    Jacob Howard

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry to hear about the trouble you had here! You should not have to manually edit each post to change the text to black.

    Based on your description, it sounds a little bit like a problem with the combination of the color palette you picked in Appearance → Themes → Customize → Colors panel and the text color on the Selecta theme's home page featured posts. I will look into that and report back here when I have more information.

    In the mean time, I can work with you to get a better temporary fix in place instead of editing each post manually to change the text color. What you should do is add this to your Appearance → Themes → Customize → CSS panel:

    .featured-posts div.featured-post-content {
    	color: #000;

    Then edit one of the posts in HTML mode to remove the extra color codes added inside the post. then check the featured post on the home page to make sure all the text appears normally. Doing it this way will be better because it's one small CSS rule instead of editing each post individually. Let me know if you run into any trouble with this test.

  3. Hi,

    It worked! I put the CSS in and it all appeared right. Thank you very much for your help. Everything seems right now. Thank you again!

    In Christ Jesus alone,

    Jacob Howard

  4. Great!

    I will also make sure a note gets added here if the theme/colors issue gets changed on our side.

  5. Howdy! Just a note to say I've just fixed this bug with Selecta and Custom Colors, so thanks for bringing it to our attention. Cheers, and happy blogging!

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