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    Wen editing pages or posts the text has disappeared in the Visual tab of the text box for posts and pages. I can see what is written if I look at the HTML tab. I can also see what is written if I upload the page. However, in edit mode all the text content in the text box has been whited out. In other words its there, but I can’t see it.

    I have emptied my cache and rebooted. But the problem is occurring on all blogs and in all my browsers. I expect its a problem on my computer, as I see no other chatter about it.

    Is this a known problem?

    Jerry Keusch

    The blog I need help with is thefourrooms.wordpress.com.



    The problem is a that the text editor and tools is totally disabled on wordpress.com I’ve since tried to access my site on another computer and have exactly the same problem. My computer is a Mac and the other computer is a pc.




    I am home and the problem is resolved. It seems that the problem is caused by the fact that I am using a public wi fi network in a library.

    I hope this information will be of use.



    Thanks for posting…

    I once had a problem with a firewall, that wouldn’t allow me to post on Forms, or Text areas.
    Its possible that your Libraries network has a firewall that prevents using forms, online editors, etc.

    Just a thought.



    Thanks diager, I think that must be what happened.

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