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    I added an “e-mail updates” link, in a text widget, per the relevant FAQ.

    Though it appears on my blog, none of the other sidebar content is present.

    What have I done wrong?



    Can you post the exact code you’ve placed in the text widget between backticks (that’s the key next to the 1 and above tab). It might be something you’ve carried over into the code by accident. Also so we know, what widgets should be in the sidebar?


    Thank you.

    It was a direct cut-&-paste, of just:

    Subscribe for e-mailed update alerts

    The other sidebar content is all the default items, such as an “about” link and two entries in my blog-roll.

    BTW, I can spell “widget”; I just can’t type…



    [a href="http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/emailverifySubmit?feedId=1368921&loc=en_US"]Subscribe for e-mailed update alerts[/a]

    (square brackets substituted)



    hmm i don’t see any other widgets except the text widget you used to put the email update link. have you checked your widgets page to make sure your other widgets are in place?


    I have added another (“archives”, but are blog roll and the ‘about’ page supposed to appear as widgets? They were there by default when the blog was set up, and I’ve not removed them (leastways, not deliberately).



    The About might be in the “Meta” widget. I’m not sure. I haven’t used that theme. Blogroll is actually the “Links” widget.


    Thank you. The “about” link is in the “pages” widget.

    These issues aren’t very clear, to a new user, but I’m grateful for your collective support.

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