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  1. citizenfortruth

  2. If you don't post a link to you blog, no... we won't be able to see what you might've done wrong

  3. citizenfortruth

    Sorry,, its halfway down in the first sidebar

  4. those are vod-pods paging buttons. That means that you have an empty vod-pod widget below your text widget.

  5. citizenfortruth

    Im sorry Devblog, im new to this and dont understand what you are saying about the vod-pods. How would I correct this?

  6. citizenfortruth

    Ok ok I got it! Thank you, that was simple enough

  7. How do you add an image to the Text Widget? (Newbie alert)

  8. @rgardner07: Please give the URL of your blog when asking questions (or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky "8 Things to Know").

    As for your question, see here for the relevant codes:

    In addition to those, note that if you want a link to open in a new window, then you add this after the site URL (with a space inbetween):

    Another way is to upload and insert the images in an unpublished post (make sure their width doesn't exceed that of the sidebar), then switch to the html post editor, copy the resulting code and paste in the text widget.

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