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  1. Hello,
    I can not save my text widget in the sidebar. What can I do ?
    Thank you

    WP 2.7
    Internet Explorer
    Theme: Black Letterhead by Ulysses Ronquillo.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I used internet explorer 7, sometimes i had same problem.
    Then i use Mozilla. I thinks it's better then IE.

  3. Aaah (French onomatopoeia). I'll see for Mozilla. I don't know it. Thank you

  4. No, it's not the reason. I tried without results, the contrary : I have lost the music widget.
    So, my problem is not resolved...

  5. When I put the widget HTML text it disappears

  6. alzazou
    What are you pasting into the text widget?
    Is it code that we can not use on

  7. No, only texte, normal, without signs or code

  8. I'm not sure; it could be an invalid code.

  9. For example, I write "Welcome" but nothing happens and then, when I quit the widget board, the text widget disappears of the board.

  10. This is happening to me too. I tried to paste Google AdSense code into a text widget. I get it in there, and I click save. Everything looks great. Then I look at the blog and there are no adds. When I go back in to look at the text widget, it's there, and the title is there, but all the code disappears. What could be causing this? I am using Safari.


  11. @bluebluesoup, Advertising is not allowed here at wordpress.COM.

  12. @alzazou, what browser and browser version are you using?

  13. I use IE 8

  14. @alzazou, I don't know exactly what procedure you are using, but IE has been a little bit of a problem with text widgets in the past. Try the following.

    1. put the text widget into the sidebar and when it opens, click the "save" button without putting anything in it and wait for wordpress to save your changes.

    2. click on the right end of the text widget title bar and after it opens, put in your text and title (if you want one) and when done, click "save" and wait for wordpress to save your changes before going to your blog to take a look at it.

  15. Does anyone know how to add an image to a Twitter badge? I want to put an actual image of Twitter on my blog but the only thing that comes up is 'Follow Me On Twitter' with my status. Help!

  16. OK merci a lot

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