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    If I want to add a new text widget and I open it for editing, the box disappears and I cannot add text. Why? How can I resolve that?


    Add the text widget, then click the “save changes” button at the bottom of the sidebar panel then edit the text widget. That’s what works for me.



    It doesn’t work for me!
    Half the box in Text & RSS widgets seems to disappear behind the lines on the left of the screen. It isn’t even possible to see or click the ‘change’ or ‘remove’ buttons.
    You can see the rest of the box if you click on the whole thing to move it, but it disappears as soon as it’s static in the Sidebar list.


    I expect you are using IE. It has a problem with the widgets area right now. My suggestion is to download Firefox and use it till they hack things to work with IE. Once the get the hacks in place, then you can uninstall Firefox and go back to IE if you wish.



    How right you are. Good old Microsoft, reliable as always…


    You’re welcome.

    At last count IE6 had 114 bugs, IE7 had 124 and the IE8 beta has 71.

    Firefox and Safari 3.x on the other hand have 1 each. Even Opera only has 9.



    ya from now on try to using firefox, because most or all of wordpress.com is designed for standards, and IE doesn’t like that

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