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    I am told via FAQ that I should go to my dashboard and then prsentation, then widget. I cannot find “presentation anywhere on the dashboard page for my blog. http;//afeatheradrift.wordpress.com. I tried going in through design and where I had added the text widget. I opened it and added what I wanted but it did not appear, and the box upon reopening is empty. Where is this presentation at? I am aware of the global dashboard and I am not there. I am at my own with the proper blog heading with the name of my blog. I just can’t find presentation.



    Some items do not work via the text widget, WordPress is just picky like that, what kind of content are you trying to post?



    I’ve been having the same problem with the text widget, and the del.ici.ous widget isn’t showing up on my site either. I tried doing it on firefox because a lot of the answers here say to use firefox instead of IE, but it didn’t help.


    Presentation was replaced with design with the upgrade.

    what is the code you are trying to place in the widget? if it has any java or iframe, that won’t show up since it’s not permitted on wordpress.com.

    if you could place the code here we could see it and help you more. place the code within backticks.



    Thanks for helping me. I at least realize that design is the way in. I was trying to do clstermaps. I took my old code off blogger. I guess that was wrong. I’ll go to clstrmaps itself and see if they have the proper code for wordpress. I’m sorry, this stuff is so much different than blogger. I left there because some of their functions don’t work. 5 hours of work was not saved and they never alerted me, so I lost a lot of work. That’s why I’m here. Everyone says this is trouble free. I’m just having withdrawl pangs from all the bells and whistles I used to have! lol.

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