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    Help! I have two text widgets as footers. The text displays as hyperlinks on the home page, but as just text on all other pages. I’ve repeatedly stripped the text of all html, but WP keeps showing it as hyperlinks on the home page.

    Compare the footers in the home page (http://enviroethics.org/) with any other another page (e.g., http://enviroethics.org/2013/10/16/symposium-thinking-extinction-nov-14-16-2013-laurentian-university/.

    How do I fix this? It seems like a programing bug.

    The blog I need help with is enviroethics.org.



    You don’t see the problem on the other pages because the other pages don’t display the sidebar. It’s not a “programing bug”, it’s wrong code alright, but the wrong code isn’t in the TW that seems to misbehave, it’s in the TW you’ve used for your Facebook image link.


    But the FB Image/Badge is in the showcase side bar, not in the footers. Regardless, how can I get the text widget, which I have in my footers, to display only text? Thanks for any help that you can provide.


    What I don’t understand is why having the FB image in one place leads to other places being hyperlinked. Why the carry-over across widgets?


    I got it. Still don’t know what why there was html carry over rather than just a garbled html coding in a single text widget. But all’s well that ends well, Cheers!



    Your Facebook TW had two unclosed “a” (= link) tags. Most HTML tags must come in pairs: an opening tag that means “from here” and a closing tag that means “up to here”. When the closing tag is missing, the “up to here” is missing, hence the carry-over. For example, if your sidebar TW contained a “strong” tag without its companion “/strong” tag, all the text from that point on would have turned bold.
    This article of mine might be useful to you:


    Thanks for the detailed and informative answer justpi. Given that I don’t get into html on a regular basis, I forget to check for open tags, and even more, forget about the result if one leaves a tag open (the carry over…). Appreciate the patience!



    You’re welcome!
    By the way, my “all the text from that point on” refers to the order of the elements in the HTML of the blog, which isn’t necessarily the order you see on your page. You’re lucky that the HTML of the theme you’re using has main content first then sidebar then footer: if it was sidebar-content-footer you would have seen all the posts turn into a link!



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