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Text widget changes HTML code

  1. Every time I paste the HTML code into the text box and press save, it becomes a link instead of the widget that I am trying to add in my sidebar. I know the HTML code is correct because I am embedding it from another website. Please help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want a link like this:

    Support Me at KickStarter

    Delete what's in the text widget. Then copy and paste this code below without making any changes into text widget.

    <a href="">Support Me at KickStarter</a>

  3. Thanks so much!!

  4. You're welcome. The next time you do this see here > Text Widget Links

  5. Thanks again :)

  6. We're not allowed to use embed codes, for security reasons. That's why the code you're trying to use is stripped out when you save.

    See here how you can insert Kickstarter videos:

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