Text widget doesn’t really take HTML does it?

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    Ok, I have been trying to use the text widget on my side bar to add some bits and bobs. Apart from inserting a simple image, it just won’t seem to take anything else at all and it all dissapears??? I mean it won’t even take a simple <marquee> code?

    I do art and it would be great if I could scroll some images slowly in my side bar. If marquee isn’t accepted, I would be interested to hear what is, nothing I have tried seems to work.

    Any help much appreciated


    The blog I need help with is ideasinstencil.com.


    Text widget does take HTML. What wp.com blogs in general don’t take is some types of code and some html tags – see here:
    When you try to type or paste code not allowed, it will be stripped out.
    Marquee not allowed. Scrollbox possible.



    Yes they do – they take pure HTML . Marquee code cannot be used on wordpress.com blogs. Stick to pure HTML and you will find that it will display without any problems, provided it does not contain these restricted codes, which the software will strip out to provide security on this multi-user blogging platform. http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/



    Since making my post I have found a few others had this problem and like you say it doesn’t take the marquee code. I’m not sure I’m clear on what youn mean by ‘pure html’. Do you just mean clean code or something? or is there another way I can scroll some images to the left.

    It looks to me like WP only allow very basic text code and insert image. I know there is probably very good security reasons why, but don’t you think the text widget clearly saying ‘HTML’ is a bit missleading?


    The description below each widget in Appearance>Widgets is a basic one. The Support doc on text widgets makes things clear and links to the doc timethied and I linked to.

    As I already said, you can create a scrollbox – see here:



    oh get in!

    yes scroll box is working and I’ll settle for one of those beauties Although after previously discovering the ‘blink’ doesn’t work either, it’s not easy to make anything ‘move’ on these blogs. Animated gifs i suppose, so I’ll probably have to work that out. It will be useful though i guess.

    Thanks very much for your help, it’s much appreciated.



    You’re welcome.

    Animated gifs do work – as long as you don’t resize them upon inserting. So you’ll have to take the width of your sidebar into account; see here:


    Levistencil, if you’re still reading this thread, I just tried leaving a comment on your Street Barbie image and the link didn’t work–it never went to a comment box. I tried several times.

    (I was just going to say, I thought she was smoking something illegal, like tobacco!)

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