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text widget editing

  1. I added a text widget to my sidebar using the widget tool, but now I don't see any change or where to edit the text. (Typing "text widget" into FAQs and the support forum didn't help.)

    Am I an idiot? I've been cruising through the dashboard for an hour, looking for anything new. Does my current template choice not support it? It doesn't seem to put the tagline for my forum up either.

    Thank you for any help.

  2. -> dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar widgets
    Open the appropriate widget by clicking on it - after you're done editing be sure to click "save changes" then clear your browser, view your blog and the changes should be there in your sidebar.
    This may also be helpful when working with widgets

  3. TT, the poster is asking how to open the widget for editing. :)

    When you bring it over to your blog's sidebar and drop it, there will be a little box with a few lines within the shape. That's what you click on for editing.

    Quick suggestion. Templates have names. Please use them. There's no way to tell if you've made a change between when you posted and no.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Just make sure you cut and save anything in the widgets just in case it doesn't go through the first time.

  5. This post is very helpful! Thanks guys!

  6. You're welcome. I was pretty sure the post I directed you to would contain all the information you were likely to need to open and edit your text widget. I'm really glad everything worked out well for you. :)

  7. Can you change the font of the widget? Like make it bold or somethng like that?

  8. yes! I want to change the font in the text...can i add a hyperlink??

  9. Yes you can add hyperlinks.


    < a href="URL here" >Link Text here< /a>

    Change the font in the widget comes down to the theme. Some themes do not control the font, others do.

    Best thing is to try it.

    Put in a piece of random text and then put the code for strong or italic as you want and save it.

    EG, for bold:

    < strong >This is bold</ strong >

    For italic:

    < em >This is italic < /em >


    This is bold

    This is italic

    Hope this helps.

    Oh, take out the spaces between the < and > in the code. ;)

  10. Because text widgets are your own unique creations you can have some fun with colours by creating the text widget contents as images. Suppose you open a program like microsoft "paint" and you make a widget using the fonts and colours you choose and save it. Next you can upload it as an image and insert it into your text widget and display it in your sidebar

  11. @ Cornell

    Hey thanks!!!

    Okay now, a lil more help.. What's d code for increasing the size of the font..? If there is any, that is.. And and mind telling me why my numbers are not in sequence..? Like its supposed to be 1)text
    but apparently it doesn't seem to be that way in my wp.

    And how do you add hyperlinks? So am vey sorry.. I ain't that brilliant in IT.. =)

  12. I hope these will help with the font question and with the link question

  13. Cornell discusses links up above. I politely suggest always reading a thread that you post in. :)

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