Text Widget Editing Problem

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    Why don’t you try this method cause its work for me..but it’s a bit long procedure.

    1. Open your photo in any photo editor.. open your photo to make it smaller by using the edit to “crop” your photo. The purpose is to make your photo just the right size to fit into your widget space. Save your edited photo to a file.

    2. Log on to http://www.freeimagehosting.net/ to upload your edited photo. Its Free

    3. After you upload your upload the service provider will respond by providing your uploaded photo in HTML codings. Select from the list provided.

    4. Copy the coding by pressing the left button on your mouse……
    Note: make sure at this stage you should never press your right button…. ok.

    5. Last stage…open your wordpress dashboad , click on widget, click open the text widget where you want to place your photo and then paste your HTML codes ( Right button).

    6. Save changes and view your site…see what happen



    I would suggest you do as dissfunktional says and get rid of all the porn, affiliate and click me ads on your blog. If you don’t, it will be deleted, it is only a matter of time.



    raincoaster, that’s a good idea for now until they work out the problem, but it doesn’t help us if we want to change a text widget that’s already in place and we don’t have it saved somewhere.

    I tried to change a text widget tonight and it still won’t allow me to highlight anything at all. I can certainly use the backspace to get rid of it and paste new text into it, but the old text contained image urls with links I want to save and place elsewhere on my blog.

    As Cal said in the movie Titanic…

    What to do… what to do?



    Copy the URLs and links from the front page of your blog into a Notepad doc.

    Have you read this thread?


    raincoaster, that’s a good idea for now until they work out the problem, but it doesn’t help us if we want to change a text widget that’s already in place and we don’t have it saved somewhere.

    Google your blog and click cache and get it from there. It shouldn’t have updated yet.



    That should work if you’re already in the middle of the process. Clever work.



    Maybe I will wait when the WP.com support fixed this problem… I hope it is very soon.


    Whilst editing my text widget, I realised I cant highlight, cut, copy, and paste the entered codes/text in it. So if I want to cut it, I have to remove it all. Unlike before, that for a user like me who is not really familiar with codes would just copy and paste stuffs, and highlight texts.

    I can’t help you on the highlighting but if you can manage to highlight, to copy it is the Ctrl key pressed together with the C key. To paste is the Ctrl key pressed together with the V key. When pasting it, if it doesn’t paste the first try, click Ctrl V a couple of times together until it pastes. Hope it helps.


    And Google your blog and check the cache and copy anything you can from your widgets or click on your mouse View Page Source and cut and paste everything for later use. All the codes are there.



    pornstarbabylon, thanks but highlighting is my prob now… but really thanks for tips, for the meantime, that is the most clever thing to do!



    When I hit edit on a widget the box comes up UNDER the list of widgets on the left. I cannot move it to edit it, meaning I can’t edit it. Is this just my problem?


    I wouldn’t edit anything now at all maybe for a couple of days. They just upgraded WordPress and lots of bugs are happening. Just try to save what you can for later use or Google your blog and check the cache to save what you need from there.



    Hi susanpyp, better follow pornstarbabylon… it is worth trying not to edit your wp.com for the meantime… WP is addressing all this problems for the meantime, and they got plenty to fix, though.




    There is still no highlighting, CNTRL+A, or any other form of editing allowed short of backspace/delete and retype. That makes me sad.




    Hi everybody –

    i would like to inform you that i have a communication with the support team and have sent our threads here for their perusal. I hope they will be fixing it sooner. So the more they see anybody speaking their problems, the more the possibilities of being resolved. :-)



    I do have the same problem. Can’t select any line on txt widgets with html codes, but only when i’m using ie browser, with firefox don’t have that problem. just add me to your list.



    yeah, using safari is all right too.. only with IE.


    Even if you click Select All by right clicking with your mouse? And then go back and edit out what you don’t want?


    IE6 and 7 have an issue with the new wordpress and widgets. My suggestion is to download and use Firefox until wordpress gets the IE bugs worked out and then, if you wish, you can uninstall Firefox and go back to wordpressing with IE.

    Make sure and download and install the latest Flash plugin/addon in Firefox if you download it. http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/



    Had this problem jus today and I kinda worked around it… I use Internet Explorer 6…

    To Edit a Text Widget:
    1. Add the text widget
    2. Save Changes to all widgets
    3. Click on Edit on Text Widget – you will probably not be able to see half the box, mostly the left half of it
    4. Just Click anwhere on the top line which is meant for Change Name and type in what you want to call the text box
    5. To move into the text portion of the editign area, just hit Tab AFTER entering the name of the Text box
    6. It’s best you type whatever text/html you want to insert on a Word document FIRST.
    7. Copy the text/html
    8. Paste the text/html using crtl+v (on a windows operating system)
    9. Once you have entered whatever text/html you want, the left half of it will be visible.
    10. If you want to check it, I found that if you try moving the whole box you can see everything that you’ve entered
    11. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve entered, hit Tab again
    12. Now hit Enter immediately

    And voila… your text has been saved…

    Now DON’T forget to hit Save Changes at the bottom of all the added widgets!!!

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