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    So I have been trying to add this code in the text widget in the sidebar:
    <script type=”text/javascript”><!–
    google_ad_client = “ca-pub-2622814745150810”;
    /* dubstepculture */
    google_ad_slot = “5079013440”;
    google_ad_width = 728;
    google_ad_height = 90;
    <script type=”text/javascript”

    Whenever I do so and hit save the circle appears, then goes off and my code has disappeared.
    Any solution would make me so happy, just moved from blogspot where adsense was much easier.

    The blog I need help with is dubstepculture.wordpress.com.


    The code is being stripped because it is not allowed at wordpress.com.

    User advertising is, except for a couple very narrow exceptions, not allowed on wordpress.COM. For the exceptions, see the last sentence under “Affiliate marketing blogs” in the bottom set of bullet points in the “types of blogs” link below.


    There will be a new WordAd feature coming in the first part of 2012 for qualified sites here. It does not allow you to pick or place your own ads though.



    So if I wanted to add advertising I would have to find my own host?


    Yes, you would have to self-host an installation of the wordpress.ORG software somewhere like bluehost, dreamhost, etc. Figure an average overall monthly cost of $10 to $25 depending on your requirements.

    Do keep in mind that very, very few bloggers actually bring in enough ad revenue to even pay their domain registration and hosting costs. Most I know make $100 or less per year.



    Also: blogger initiated advertising is banned here under the terms of service.



    Forget about advertising with wordpress.com free blog service, only your blog is high traffic volume, which you can co-share the profit with wordpress.com. Do find more information from wordpress.com support page.

    Anyway, if your blog not high traffic volume (>5k or 10k per day), do forget about it or move to other free service like blogspot.com.

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