Text Widget Inconsistent Bolding

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    Hey all, so I noticed something funny going on with my Regulus sidebar Text Widget.

    Take a look on my blog, see the text widget labeled “Ads (lunch money)”, there are two sets of links at the bottom of that widget where I only bold the links and leave the rest alone.

    But scroll all the way down, a widget labeled “test” with similar set of links, but everything is bolded where I again, only put < strong > on the links. It’s making some other normal text bolded as well (see: Stat Counter widget underneath, and Feed label underneath — they aren’t supposed to be in bold)

    I haven’t made any changes to the sidebar CSS part since I made the changes there several months ago and I believe it only changed recently.

    Weird that it’s fine near the top and messed up at the bottom of the sidebar. Any takers?




    you didn’t close the last bold tag. Here’s your page source:
    <strong>Chicago Bears<strong>



    @ judy: Omg… *smacks head* Thank you!!

    So hard to see it when I’ve been staring at the text for so long trying to figure it out..



    no problem ;)

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