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    How do I edit my text widgets to insert text. I know what I want to insert but cannot find the page under my dashboard/admin. Thanks


    In presentation > widgets click on the little lined box at the right side of the widget and a window will open where you can add a title and text. After adding it, close the box by clicking the “x” at the upper right hand corner and then make sure to click “save changes.”


    Ah hah! Thanks! I knew it had to be an easy fix. :P Thanks!


    You’re very welcome and happy blogging.


    Thanks :D May I ask a quick question? :D Can we put html in the text boxes? I tried inserting a count up timer and it wouldn’t do it. …..



    Is it really html? If it is you can use it in a text widget. But if it’s javascript you cannot use it. Please provide a linbk so we know which counter you are talking about.


    <embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer” name=”flashplayer” src=”http://www.wishafriend.com/countup/swf/fun3.swf?then_year=2007&then_month=10&then_day=19&eventt=We+started+homeschooling%21″ quality=”high” width=”260″ height=”210″ swliveconnect=”true” allowscriptaccess=”samedomain” />

    Is that java? I am new to blogging so I am unsure. Is there a place to find wordpress compatible countup tickers? Thanks! :D



    I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the flash doesn’t work on wordpress.



    The FAQs is a treasure trove of relevant information http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/can-i-add-flash-video-embed-other-media/

    no iframes, no forms, no flash, no javascript


    So this is flash then? Is there a place to get a ticker that is not flash? I would like a count up ticker?



    The first sentence of the code says: “x-shockwave-flash”
    The Ticker Factory has countdown tickers in html that will work on our blogs here. http://www.tickerfactory.com/ezticker/ticker_designer.php?type=4
    HTH :)



    Thank you very much,, I’m have looking the solution in this one week :)



    You’re welcome. When you get the code from the ticker factory be sure you get the one in the box with this label above it
    (on MySpace, MSN, Web pages, Blogs…)

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