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    In text widget i tried to add skype ballon, that links to my skype account, link looks like this: skype:msco-9u?chat, but then i post this in HTML, system automatically removed “skype:” and link in my blog gets http://karolism.wordpress.com/MSCO-9u?chat, and I can’t add my skype ballon, because system allways removing “skype:” from link in HTML in side widget. Please fix this problem, thanks, good day.



    What exactly are your putting in the text widget anyways? Wouldn’t it just be as easy to just put something like this:

    <b>Skype:</b> myusername

    I am not sure what you are trying to put in and how. Without a description of what you did, it is impossible to ‘fix this problem’, as you put it.




    I think I know what he wants to do… you can set it up (not that I’ve ever done it) that a image is displayed with your online status on it and then you can click it to open skype and start a chat or call with that person.

    I can show you more easily than I can explain…


    People can click to contact me for tech support.

    But I wasn’t in any way, shape or form responsible for getting it to work. I just answer calls.

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