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Text Widget Not Accepting Facebook Like Box

  1. edenhopehistory

    @airodyssey thanks yes I did read all the comments and realise that I can't use facebook like box on the .com site but can only use badge etc. just want to point out that like box is better than badge. I still don't understand why iframes are security risk on .com site but not the .org ones. hopefully facebook come up with solution soon. thanks.

  2. This is sooo lame, WP!

    Get that iframe feature already, it's 2011 for god's sake :)

  3. we have a and a friend does too. he has facebook like button on his. I asked him and he said he just copy and pasted the Like Box code from facebooks iframe into a "text or arbitrary html" widget and it worked fine for him. I did the exact same thing and it doesn't show up at all or it just shows a mess on the sites widget area after saving. Note: i don't know if it's a matter at all but he pays for the domain name and we're not.

  4. Your friend most likely does NOT have a wordpress.COM blog. Your friend most likely has a self-hosted blog on a third-party hosting service such as godaddy, bluehost, etc. What will work here at wordpress.COM and what will work on a self-hosted wordpress blog are worlds apart.

  5. I have read the whole post and my comment is that while admitting that having the Facebook Like page is not possible at the moment, it would be also nice from the admin to ACKNOWLEDGE at least how important many bloggers consider it to have on their site.

  6. Which admin? Staff? In order to contact staff, use the Help button on your dashboard.

    You can have it in your posts, just not in your sidebar.

  7. i suppose blogger, as a free hosting blog platform, is a better choice than wordpress is only worthwhile if you plan to spend time on customization. i have 2 customized sites, and wanted to quickly put together a 3rd one on with minimal customization. but never imagined it wouldn't even allow FB like or other 3rd party codes.

    Great. I just wasted an entire morning.

  8. is also a free hosting platform.

    If you didn't read the thread, you did waste an entire morning. Because the instructions are in the thread.

  9. lame

  10. Why hasn't there been any STAFF answered the question or given an alternative solution to fix this problem? For God sakes it's Facebook not some off the wall website that no one has heard of!

  11. Hi all,

    I was having the same trouble but I somehow figured out a solution. Just a small tweak in the code helped me successfully install the like box in my blog

    <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:330px; height:255px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

    Replace the 1s with your page id. This is how I did it ppl :) Hope it'll help you as well. Have a nice day

  12. @jasa1987
    Please read this > iframe codes are stripped out of blogs to preserve security and stability as this is a multi-user blogging platform >

  13. @jasa1987
    Where do you find your page id?

  14. @alabamiemamie
    What jasa1987 posted will not work on a free hosted blog. I will only work on a self hosted WordPress.ORG install. iframe codes are stripped out of blogs to preserve security and stability as this is a multi-user blogging platform >

  15. I did what you said and it still didn't work. HELP?! LOL

  16. Thanks anyways

  17. Of course it did not work. I posted why that was above and the same has been revealed numerous times in this thread by other Volunteers. iframe codes are stripped out of blogs to preserve security and stability as this is a multi-user blogging platform >

  18. @ alabamiemamie what timethief says is right. My blog aint hosted in N tats y my code worked. If u have ur blog on some other host other than let me know so that i can help you..

  19. @jasa1987
    I believe but don't know for sure as no URL to the blog in question has been posted that she has a free hosted blog. If that's the case then nothing you can do can change this > iframe codes are stripped out of blogs to preserve security and stability as this is a multi-user blogging platform >

  20. @jasa1987 @timethief Thanks for all your help with my problem. And yes @timethief I have a free account but you will be happy to know I do have a solution for the problem anyways. Check it out!!

  21. I'm happy you have whatever makes you happy.

  22. Jasa is a spammer.

  23. technicalcopywriter

    Timethief - reading through this post, I firmly believe that you are the most patient person in the world! Time again you patiently point people to the solution, when all they had to do in the first place was read earlier postings before asking a question. I bow before your humongous patiencitude!

  24. @technicalcopywriter
    Thanks for the kind words. Most of all thank you for reading the threads you post into. Hopefully, others may pick up on that and start doing that too. :)

  25. I saw this widget on my Widgets config page for my blog and I have to say I'm confused. If it's not available for users why is the widget on the page? You can see the cause for my confusion in this screenshot:

  26. This NEW Facebook Like Box widget for fan pages and not for profiles was just introduced days ago without an announcement. And, this thread is an old one dating back to Sept 16, 2010, 3:18 PM

  27. More recent threads pertaining to the new addition of a Facebook like box widget are found here:
    and here

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