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Text widget not live

  1. It seems that copying and pasting html into a text widget doesn't give consistent results. I have put several on my blog, only to have them be inactive or display the html and not the active button. Others link fine. I do not understand the difference or how to rectify the problem. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. According to this:

    The text widget only allow certain set of HTML. In details, here are the tags that are allowed:

  3. Although I am sure that the above was meant to be helpful, it was lost on me as I am not very techno-saavy. I know nothing about html code except that they are used for link backs to other sites and blogs. The html for the button that I would like to install is as follows...

    <center><a href="

    Can you please tell me what about it is unsafe?
    Thank you for your patience.

  4. What you pasted above is just the beginning of the code. Please paste the entire code again, between backticks (see the note on allowed markup).

  5. Thank you for the helpful pointer. I went back to the source and was able to get the entire line of code and the text widget now works. Your time was much appreciated! Have a great week!

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