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Text Widget? Putting on a Counter for Web?

  1. Hi I'm new and i'm trying to find where the "text widget" or "text 1" is??? I'm trying to put a counter on (can someone help?) and a banner/link to another page. I don't know how. I can't find the "text 1" place! please help... thank you.

  2. They are on Presentation>Widgets. Scroll down, and you'll see them.

    Well, put some text on TEXT 1, and look it up on your blog, you'll see where TEXT 1 is. There's 3 columns on Widgets. All the widgets on the first one are going to display on the left side of the blog. On the middle, they are going to be display on the right side, but not in the corner. On the last one, they are going to be display on the right corner.

  3. Go to Presentation>Widgets, and look up for the Widget called BLOG STATS. They are going to show how many people have visited your blog. Its like a counter.

  4. @dweebie
    The FAQs and the forum searchbox are your friends. Please use them :)
    text widget
    stat counter (third party)
    banner/link to another page

    What do you mean by banner? There is no advertising allowed on blogs.

    Perhaps you mean "header".

  5. Good guides. You should be ranked higher, you're always helping everybody. ^^

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