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Text Widget support required.

  1. I have 5 text widgets already active on my profile and want to add more.. but due to the recent modification of wordpress there is no place where I could add more text widgets... I mean there is no place where I am able to set the number of text widgets I require.. Please help me out here....

  2. just go to Dashboard » design &Raquo; widget » Add TXT widget

  3. just go to Dashboard » design » widget » Add text widget

  4. You can also put more than one item in a text widget.

  5. whn i clickd on widget-text widget-add, even though the text widget appeared, as soon as i clicked on edit, it disappeared.. i dont know why. .and the option to increase number of text widgets are not to be seen anywhere..
    n jennifer, thnx for the suggestion of putting more than 1 thing in a text widget.. i did that.. the only prob is that i wanna arrange it in a different way.. but this one thing that i just added seems to be staying beautifully... but what about if i wanna add more stuff and they all look very clustered.. i dont want it to look that way...
    any suggestions anybody?

  6. There is no option to increase the number of text widgets anymore. You just click add. Make sure you then click save (at the bottom of the widget list). Then edit the widget, click save (on the widget) and click save again at the bottom of the widget list.

    Also - what browser are you using? If IE, I strongly suggest you download and install Firefox. IE doesn't play nice with wordpress.

  7. thnx a lot vivian... n yes it is IE that i use... i was thinking of changing to firefox.. but have not done that yet... i may do it now anyway if wordpress works better on that... i shall try what you just suggested now anyway...thnx again :)

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