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Text widget visibility page selection incomplete

  1. A while ago an extra option 'visibility' appeared on text widgets, which looks really useful for putting different text on different pages, and I used it to make a widget visible on a couple of pages only. However I've just created a new page and wanted to make the same text widget visible on the new page, but the drop down list doesn't include half the pages on my site. Is this is documented feature because I can't find any references to it anywhere?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for such a prompt reply timethief. But unfortunately it doesn't help:( My problem is that the drop down list of pages doesn't include all of my pages, there's no scrollbar, and I've found that if I use Ctl- and Ctl+ to zoom in and out I get a different number of pages in that drop down list, but I just can't get to the end. Hmmm. I was also unable to set the parent page for my newly created page to what I wanted, because that drop down list didn't include the parent page. So maybe it's a problem with drop down lists in general? I'm using Firefox 22.0 by the way.

  3. What are the pages that it doesn't include? We need the URLs starting with http.

  4. The new page I wanted to display the widget on is password protected, but I successfully displayed the same widget on another password protected page over a month ago, when I first discovered this feature.
    The new page is
    The page that I displayed the widget on previously is

  5. I just tried doing the same thing using chrome, and it worked. The drop down list had a scrollbar and I was able to scroll down to the bottom where I found my new page. So it's a WordPress/Firefox incompatibility.

  6. Back in Firefox it seems that shift+<down arrow> scrolls down the list as well, even with no scrollbar visible. I never knew that you could do that!

  7. Thanks for your report re: Firefox. I'll tag this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  8. Thanks.

  9. Hi there,

    I took a look at the visibility settings on your widgets in Firefox, and I think I know what's happening. The width of the visibility dropdown menu is determined by the item in the list with the longest name. You have one page with a very long name, which is stretching the width of the dropdown menu to the right so the scrollbar may not be visible on the screen. If you make the size of your browser window smaller, can you see the scrollbar appear on the far right side of the menu?

    If you are curious, you can also find information about widget visibility on this page:

  10. Thanks rachelmcr. I've found that page with the long title, and will make it shorter. But in answer to your question, making the browser window smaller made no difference as the drop down list seemed to be attached to the right hand edge of the window. Thanks for the link too. I must have been searching on the wrong keywords when I looked for answer before posting on the forum!

  11. Hm, it's strange that the dropdown list didn't move when you made the browser window smaller. If you can let me know what operating system you are using on your computer, I can use that information to investigate this further and see if that's something we can change on our end!

  12. I'm running Windows Vista with Service Pack 2.
    But I've gone back there with my shortened page name (which is still 36 characters long), and when i zoom out, a small gap does eventually appear between the rhs of the dropdown and the rhs of the window. The lhs of the dropdown is still aligned with the lhs of the box in which you click to make the dropdown list visible. But, interestingly, when I made the browser window smaller than full screen, and zoomed in, the dropdown list extended outside of the reduced size browser window. Hope that's helpful!

  13. Thanks for those details! It looks like this is something that is specific to the operating system and browser you are using, but I'll see if there's anything we can do about it on our end. :)

  14. It's not causing me problems now that I have worked out a way around it, but thanks for looking into it for me, and no doubt someone else might have a similar problem.

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