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    I am attempting to add a badge to my side bar for FoodBlogs. The code will not copy and paste. When I click the paste command, nothing happens. I tried to copy other text into the same widget to see if there is a problem with the widget, and that works, but this code won’t. I have tried their other badges; none work.

    This is the code:

    Geesh! It won’t even copy into here. Well, here is the URL where the code is located:


    I wrote them for help, and was told that other WordPress blogs use this same code successfully.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is cookinginmexico.com.



    Hi Kathleen. The URL you provided takes me to a page that asks me to log in.

    In order for us to look at the code and see why it’s not accepted by WP.com, please copy and paste it here between backticks (refer to the instructions below the “Leave a Reply” box).


    The problem is not that WP won’t accept the code. The problem is that the code cannot be copied and pasted. Therefore, the only way I can show it to you is to laboriously type it out, letter by letter. As long as I had to do that, I thought I would try typing it into the text widget, letter by space by letter. It worked! WP accepted it and I now have a new badge. I think the problem must lie with FoodBlogs. Something about their code will not copy.

    Thank you for replying. This is resolved.


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