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    Is it possible to add a link to the text widget so it is clickable to go to other sites? I tried with just putting exp http://www.nameofsite.com and it dident make it clickable. I was wondering if their was a code or something to do it. Also is their a code to change the color of the the text in the text widget?



    To make a clickable image on a text widget, I posted this the other week:


    And for a different color text, I forgot the codes now but for the color codes, Google ‘html color codes’ and they show charts of all different colors and the six digit codes. But the entire code to make the whole text that color, I have to get back to you on that.

    But remember from that link that there is one space after the =. And also a space before the alt.


    Thanks, that helped. But I dont want to add an image to it just the link. But I tried the first step added the link I want it to go to. But when you click on the link it takes you to a page that says Error 404 – Not Found instead of the site.



    Oh I’m sorry. For some reason I thought you asked about a clickable image. At Blogger, the code started off as < li > but I can’t seem to find that now. But here’s a tuturial I found for another code:



    thanks that tuturial worked : )


    I am not trying to spam or trying to raise my stats or anything. But many of you viewed so many blogs I would like to hear suggestions on what I should do to mine to improve it.



    What I’ve noticed is that people like seeing pictures. New pictures are better if you can find updated ones from the day/week/month. Don’t post way big images or else people with dial up will have a harder time. Either use thumbnails or resize them. But it’s your site. Don’t care what others say or think. It’s your site and do what you like on it.



    Find a niche is also a good idea. Nosy with her pictures of celibs coming out of coffee shops and liposuction clinics. My webcomic with my pics and funny sayings. I think your blog is fine with it’s topic.



    patriotsfan submit your blog to cornell for review and get some tips from him



    One suggestion I have to make is to use more tags. For example: New England Patriots, Football, heck even some of the player’s names. A good chunk of my inbounds come from servies like Technorati. I don’t think anyone searching for the New England Patriots is going to think of searching for “Off Season.” Also remember that the tag system is going to pick up your posts via the categories and those are even more inbound links for you.

    You should see how many inbounds I pick up on using “Kim Possible” tag with the webcomic.


    Thanks I will start doing that.



    I remembered this good tutorial I first used to learn about html codes (scroll down):


    And there it also shows how to make the text in different colors. But here’s a chart for several different html color codes:



    Thanks nosysnoop it helped.

    I think we should have a contest for who did the best with their blog. Such as who made it look best, not so much how many viewers they get.



    About suggestions, just do what you like. I post certain things that the other entertainment sites never post. But I like the story or the pictures. There are things I do post that I know the readers will like even if I can’t stand it. But then I mix in what I know won’t get much a look at but I liked it. :)

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