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Text Widgets?

  1. I have scanned the forums and to date have not found answers to my specific problem. I want to add more to my sidebar (i.e., a counter) and cannot access a page into which I can insert code. I have read that others use text widgets from the presentation page, but the only option I have is "Themes." I am using the Sweet Blossoms theme, if that matters.
    Any help you may provide will be greatly appreciated.

  2. The Sweet Blossoms theme doesn't support Widgets. You may want to send in a Feedback from your Dashboard asking for Widget support. I don't see any mention of widget support on the theme designers forum.

  3. I too am using Sweet Blossoms and wanted to add Akismet. Is Akismet enabled even if the widget is not on the sidebar? Or do I have to get a new theme that supports sidebar widgets?
    Help Appreciated!!

  4. Akismet is operational on ALL WordPress blogs. The sidebar widget in that case only displays how many spams have been blocked by Akismet; it doesn't have any other function. If you want to see your spams that Akismet blocked, look on Dashboard and click on the Spams Blocked by Akismet at the bottom right-hand side.

  5. Ah! Just came back to delete my dumb question...LOL! Found the tab on the dashboard accidentally. Thanks for the reply, and thanks for your patience with a newbie like me!
    Thanks again!

  6. All the Akismet widget does is brag, um, I mean show off your caught spam count. :)

  7. You know, I think WordPress should work out some kind of arrangement with the people who use the Akismet widget. IE if you use it, you get one ad in your blog, or you get an ad-free blog, something like that. One hand washing the other and all like that there.

  8. I still haven't see adverts on any blogs except for those with them allowed.

  9. I've seen them on mine when I wasn't signed in, and let me tell you, it spurred me on to think about ways to ensure that wouldn't happen. I'm an anarchal communist; ads are not my thing.

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