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Text widgets

  1. In the latest development of my blog, I have been using the text widgets feature and it is fantastic and very useful. The thing is I have five text widgets named in order on the sidebar as text 1, text 5, text 3 text 2, text 3.

    How do I tell which one is which without looking at each one individually? The fact is I can't because I can't name the text widgets. Can this be made possible?

    Thank you. Ian

  2. Moved to ideas....

    You can also tell which one is which by looking at the source code of your blog. There's a div before each one and they're labeled by class.

  3. the original JS script, WP widgets ripped off from, was meant to easy drag an item into a shopping basket ("silly easy shopping") -- products usually don't change their titles once dropped into a cart ;-)

  4. Hello,
    New to blogging and wordpress... so the question may seem a little silly but I would like to rename my text widgets. Is it possible?

  5. The blogger supplies the title or "heading" for each text widget that he or she creates so I don't understand what your problem is. Can you provide an example?

  6. The problem is not the title but the description of the widgets. They are simply numbered. What would be nice is to the ability to change the description so that when you are looking at the page in sidebar widgets, you know what is in each one. This was the suggestion of the originator of this thread.

  7. Ahh sometimes I wonder what I would do without you to point out the obvious to me Vivian. Thanks. :)

  8. Can a widget be renamed?

  9. Iext widgets are the ones you create yourself and you can have up to 9 of them . These widgets are the only widgets you can name and rename at will. Once you click on the widget and open it there is a title line and you can type what ever heading you want in a "text widget".

    You cannot change the names of the widgets you currently have displayed in your sidebar as they are hard coded. As you add more categories and add more links to your blogroll that you assign categories to the headings will change to reflect that.

  10. Yeah I too have been continuously putting up with this. :))

  11. Excuse my question,but how can I add more text widgets to my blog? Were do I go to find them? In my sidebar and below is only the one I'm using, can anybody please enlighten me? Thanks Monika

  12. There's a box in Presentation ---> Sidebar Widgets where you type in the number of text widgets you'd like to have. Just change the number to a higher one and you'll have more. You don't even need to use them all, just store them in the "extras" box at the bottom of the page.

  13. @pif4p
    Here's something that may help you with widgets.

  14. The place to set the number of text (and RSS) widgets is at the bottom of the page that Raincoaster mentions. You have to scroll down.

  15. Is it possible to have more than 10 text widgets ?

  16. Currently ten (10) is the maximum number allowed.

  17. cool, certnetly i'll use that, its very good.

  18. Good grief I just noticed that I gave two answers and one was wrong, wrong, wrong. The maximum number of text widgets is nine (9) and not ten (10). Please accept my apology for any confusion.

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