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Text will not wrap

  1. Check out this post on my blog:καϊξή/

    Why doesn't the text automatically wrap at the default width of the page? I used multiple brake html tags in other cases to fix this, but it is not convenient at all!

  2. Actually the link above won't work because it contains some characters in Greek. Just go to my blog and you will se it, posted at January 29th.

  3. Where are you copying it from and which editor are you using?

  4. I write it directly to the box that comes up when I hit "new post". Visit my blog again, i posted another test post and it is even worse I think... I like wordpress a lot, but this is unexplainable...

  5. Please describe the "box" Do you have icons or text buttons along the top?

    I'm thinking that you're using the rich text editor. You may want to give the regular text editor a try. You can change between them at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> The check box at the top of the page.

  6. It seems to work with the simple editor. Marking it as resolved.

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