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Text won't stay justified

  1. I justify all the text in a post and it looks justified on the screen. But if I try saving the draft, looking at a preview, or publishing it, the justify is magically gone.

    Even going into HTML mode and putting in the justify codes that way doesn't keep the text justified.

    What's going on here?

  2. I having the exact same problem, no matter what I do to my post in the editor it won't stay justified. I've cleared by cache, wiped my temp Internet files, restarted my browser, and even restarted my computer but no luck.

  3. In addition to the above, the font-color of my about page at have suddenly decided to become black upon updating the page.

  4. laughinghardcryingharder

    Argh same here. It's so annoying. It's messing up the visual continuity of my blog!! haha. Do we have to pre-select this now or something?

  5. Did the trouble start an hour or so ago for everyone? I've posted justified posts just fine tonight. It's only in the last hour or so that the justify function (and other formatting according to another post in the forum) has been malfunctioning.

  6. Same for me, impossible to justify today

  7. Justify and formatting functions blog editor and special html formatting in sidebar widget malfunctioning as well...

  8. drbobbs,

    Problem started in last hour or so (as you indicated).

  9. Just sent feedback to the Powers-That-Be. We'll see what happens.

  10. any updates ?? Am having the same problem ..

  11. Also the image attributes are dissapearing

  12. The problem with attributes getting stripped should be fixed now. You can use the Post Revisions box on the Edit Post tab to recover an earlier version of your post with formatting intact.

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