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Text wrap around image.

  1. prismsolutionsllc

    Why won't the text wrap neatly around an embedded image?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must choose the alignment for your image when you insert it. The new system means you must scroll down to see the alignment options when you insert an image.

    Choose alignleft or alignright for text to wrap around the image.
    alignleft=text wraps around the right side of the picture
    alignrigh=text wraps around the left side

    The other options are:
    aligncenter: text does not wrap around either side of the image.
    alignnone: picture is on the left but text does not wrap

    If you have already inserted an image, you can edit it in the visual editor by clicking on the picture and choosing the mountain looking icon. Choose the alignment you want: right or left. Don't forget to update.

    This picture shows how to align the image when you insert it (but you must scroll down to see the red "5")

    5. Alignment - The position of the image within your post or page.

    Here is the article where that picture is from:

  4. I usually look at the link for someone with a question before answering, but in this case I failed to do so.

    I don't mean to make assumptions about what you plan to do with your blog, but before you proceed with working on your blog, please read a couple of things about
    There are different flavors of WordPress, so perhaps is not a good fit.

    Here are Terms of Service:
    and again info about the PayPal we can use on

  5. prismsolutionsllc

    Thanks - and yes, it appears that the dot-org version is more appropriate - but I have to present something to my client in 24 hours - so I'd prefer to give him something that is structurally correct and then make the jump to dot-org after my call with him.

    In the meantime, in spite of your very detailed instructions, I just can't seem to find that ALIGNMENT option. Am I pulled the image directly from my media library or from an external source?

    Please advise at your convenience - this my first fling with WP, so don't worry about offending me.

    Thanks much - awaiting your reply.

  6. When you insert an image into a post or page, you should see the picture I linked to. Only you will have to scroll down to see the bottom section to set the alignment of an image. It's the design of the thing depending on screen size that means you have to scroll down.

    Or are you asking about how to insert an image into a post or page to start with?
    If you have pictures already uploaded to your library here is this:

  7. So you can insert a picture either from your media library or by uploading directly to a post or page. There is also the option of having a picture from somewhere online (like flickr) using the url. That is less desirable because it takes longer to load.

    Note: all your images you upload either to the library or to a post or page stay in your library so you can use them over and over.

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