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    If you scroll about halfway down on this page You’ll notice the listings start to wrap together. (I don’t want that)

    This page (at the time of posting) is not doing that. Currently.
    It SEEMS the problem occurs when I click over to the text edit tab during editing (but it happens on all the pages of this type)

    What the heck is going on?
    Suggestions on best ways to correct it? or alternatives.


    The blog I need help with is birthcarenetwork.com.



    a) Nothing strange about this: some names show up next to the previous email address because there’s no line or paragraph break before the name.
    b) There are several mistakes in the code of the page. Before I make suggestions: are you familiar with coding? (And how exactly did you create this?)



    I am familiar with coding. Mostly traditional html but can navigate css and such with guidance.

    I didn’t create this. It’s a page for an organization which I’m now part of and volunteered to help with the site.



    1) There’s a lot of useless strong tags: you need to remove most of them (leave just one opening/closing pair around each name).

    2) Turn these two:

    <table style="width:557px;height:703px;" border="0">
    <table style="width:389px;height:471px;" border="0">

    to just:

    3) These are wrong:
    <h2 style="text-align:left;"><span style="color:#666699;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">HEADING HERE</span></h2>
    First, left alignment is the default so the first style is useless. Second, span tags are used for characters or words inside a block, not for the whole block. If you had to modify the h2 in the Text editor, you’d add the rules in the h2 tag itself:
    <h2 style="color:#666699;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">HEADING HERE</h2>
    But you have the Custom Design upgrade, so you should write plain h2 tags and modify them in the CSS editor instead.

    4) After you make these corrections, just make sure there’s a paragraph break (blank line) before each name or linked name.



    Well. I just went through the entire doula page to remove extra strong tags, add < p > tags, etc. and when I copy from my text editor and paste in the text box in wp, all the p tags are removed.
    This probably explains why when i’ve manually entered p tags in the past it didn’t alleviate the problem.



    I didn’t say anything about adding p tags. You work in the so-called “Text” editor, and you just make sure there’s a line break (no blank line) after each line of each item, and a paragraph break (blank line) after the end of each item. Entering line breaks and paragraph breaks translates to br tags and p tags in the sourcecode, by plain br tags and plain p tags are hidden from view in the editor. You add actual p tags only if they should include attributes.




    Well, I add line breaks, then they mysteriously disappear. It’s the most bizarre thing.



    That’s because the whole thing is a mess, and a mess inside a table at that. In some cases where the name is a link, the closing strong tag is right after the name but the opening strong tag is before the opening link tag, in a few of those cases there’s a line break between the name and the closing link tag… Needs patience.

    By the way, you don’t even need tables for this arrangement. You could use coding for two columns instead. See this post of mine:



    You’re a savior! That two column coding seems to be helping quite a bit.

    Like I said, I did not design this site, I’m merely trying to create an issue that was there before I came in.

    It’s still not perfect, but that’s definitely made things more manageable so far.

    Thank you!

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