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    Do you find it annoying that the text wrapping around images produces as “squished looking” product? If so upload your image into microsoft paint or a similar program and add a border the same colour as your blog background around the image. When you upload it into your blog and do the teaxt wrapping alignment you won’t have the “squished look.”



    Is this the only way to do it? The post editor gives you the options of messing with the vertical and horizontal space values but that doesn’t work. I even tried adding it by hand and that doesn’t work. It’s still posting with text too close to the image. I’ve only checked this in Firefox and Flock.



    It works fine with IE. I always put 5 to 10 as my horizontal space and it looks fine.



    I do not use the text rich editor. Thus adding a border of the same colour as the background got rid of the “squished” look for me.
    I have now changed themes to Presarow on two blogs and discovered the align for text wrapping (example align = “left” or “right” or “center”) does not work as the code is being stripped out. http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=4317&replies=10
    Today I just spent a substantial amount of time determining that it does not work in the K2 theme either on another of my blogs. And I’m about to report that now.
    So for those who do not use the text rich editor adding a border of the same colour as the background will get rid of the “squished” look in blogs with themes that actually allow the text warpping around image function to work.



    tt: It’s a *lot* easier just to add some HTML to the image tags.

    hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″

    Just stick that inside of the img tag



    Thanks for the code(s). Where exactly does one insert them?
    I would of course be joyfully off to try them out if only I had blog themes that would allow align = “left” (or right or center) but sadly the themes I have strip text wrapping codes out. :(
    Another more cynical blogger than I observed the big white spots next to the images could be filled with advertising, if this function is not restored.:(



    I would stay away from using a image editor to solve this. Cause tomorrow if I change the theme then the background would not match.
    As engtech suggested it would be better (if not easier) to do it with html (thought if some find it bit hard). This site helped me a lot to understand the images wrapping, hspace , border and other options / tags well. U might find it handy too ! – http://www.w3schools.com




    Magically text wrapping is now working in my K2 blog http://maypathways.wordpress.com. I just don’t get why it wouldn’t work this afternoon but did tonight, but I’m not complaining. I tried one image and it worked so I went through all the doing them at warp speed. The acid test will be to see if they still look the smae tomorrow.
    P.S. The images already had borders so the other issue wasn’t at issue, if you know what I mean. A look is worth a thousand words.

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