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Text/Image Wrap

  1. I can't seem to figure this one out. I think it's my coding, but for some reason I cannot get the text to wrap around my images. It works in the "New Post" box but does not display properly.

    Any suggestions? I can make a test post if you guys need.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you insert the image, are you selecting "left" alignment or are you leaving it set to "none?"

  3. I've tried left and right, no go.

  4. Can we get a link to a post where this is happening?

  5. Sure, here it is.

    At the bottom of the page, you can see what I see in the edit window.

  6. I get a 404 from that link. Have you published it?

  7. I'm sorry, here's a new page I made.

    The link is at the bottom of how it should be (except the pictures are swapped now).

    Thanks again.

  8. insert image to post... while in the post edit mode... click on edit image (top left corner of image)... click on Advanced Settings tab... in the Advanced Image Settings section the "CSS class" needs to see: alignleft wp-image

  9. Another way to word-wrap an image is:
    in HTML edit mode locate the image code

    It'll look something like <img src="" alt="" width="200" height="375" />
    add class="alignleft wp-image"

    so it looks like:

    <img class="alignleft wp-image" src="" alt="" width="200" height="375" />

    that should do it

  10. lorenwade

    Source code works all right in my test blog:
    <a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-145" title="photo" src="" alt="photo" width="200" height="300" /></a>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi varius odio nec arcu auctor interdum. Morbi tristique tellus fermentum diam ullamcorper auctor. Nunc elit nisi, ultrices sit amet malesuada eu, ornare eu sem. Maecenas ac nisl sed nibh dictum imperdiet in eu mi. Cras placerat leo non lectus ultrices hendrerit…
    Could there be something in your CSS that over-rides image alignment? (I know nothing about CSS)

  11. ... your code works fine on my site... even if the photo is right align. i use "Rubric" theme.

    try stripping the code back:

    <img class="alignleft wp-image" src="" />Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi varius odio nec arcu..

  12. This is so weird.

    I checked the advanced image settings and they look right.

    Why would it work fine in a test blog, but not on mine? There has to be something in my CSS causing this override. Thanks for the input you guys. I'll keep searching.

  13. My problem lies herein: if I do use that workaround, I will have to do so for every image and that's ridiculous. I shouldn't have to. I should be able to edit the CSS appropriately so it works every single time like it's supposed to. I want 100% transparancy between the editor and the actual post.

  14. @lorenwade

    I have been wrapping text around images for a few months, but recently it has become a nightmare. It would seem that some changes have been made to the editor as I have found certain other differences, e.g. if you cut and paste text that includes the "more" indicator from the Visual display, the indicator is no longer carried across (it works OK from the HTML display).

    Because of this I now set the image as a background, thus avoiding rather than solving the problem.

  15. Okay, thanks for the input Bigdave.

  16. try adding this to your CSS.

    .alignleft,div.nav-previous {
    .alignright,div.nav-next {

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