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    No idea how to thank the relevant people, but the GUI alterations to the Media Library are very much appreciated: there are so many in mine that changing the file to landscape is bloody brilliant.

    So, whomever are those wot done it – TA EVER SO ! [grin]

    The blog I need help with is



    I didn’t even notice that. Must be very recent. The grid view will make it much easier, but I see the list view is still available as well.

    I’ll tag this for staff to make sure they see it.


    Thanks ever so, kokkieh !!



    You’re welcome. They deal with so many complaints, they need to see when someone says thank you as well :)



    Hi M-R, thanks for the kind words! I’m pretty pleased with those improvements to the Media Library, too. :)

    That work was actually done by the many contributors to the open source project:

    We bring those changes over to on a regular basis, which is why you’re seeing them now. Some Automatticians were also involved in that process, so I’ll be sure to pass along your thanks to them. :)


    Aw, thanks guys.

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