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  1. Did this work?

  2. That depends entirely on your goals. What were they?

  3. Rofl.

  4. You really must think nothing of it dear Winston, I only did what any other human being would have done in my place, after all what are we all here for if not to help each other along. Indeed if anyone is to be thanked it is your own great grand sire Winston because when he became prime minister in 1950, that was after he lost the war he had declared to stop the national health service from invading England and beastly hospitals and clinics springing up all over the shop, he tried to counter the spread of health care with his alternative policy of free dried milk for all and my great grand mother [Grumma]swears this saved her daughter's life, she was about to cross the road but she dropped the tin of maggots she was carrying [the tin was a national dried milk tin] just as a coal lorry shed it's load where she would have been if she had not had to stop and pick up the maggots. Later on she became my nan and Winston became a statue outside the houses of parliament. So you can see how all these things have come together nicely in order for me to be in a position to be of assistance to you.

  5. That was beautiful. I'm all teary-eyed now.

  6. ohyayperspective


  7. I never smoked Winston's. Now unfiltered Kools are another story.

  8. I had friends who used to smoke at school, they were the smoker's union and they bought their fags by selling protection to the 1st year kids,they used to pass the fag around like a peace pipe, anyone who took a horse drag or duckassed [wet the end] got beat up.

  9. Your 1st graders cared about safer sex?

  10. @ gentledove - I resent that implication about ducks. My son loves ducks. They're gentle and lovely. They'd never touch a fag.

    @ deltafoxtrot - GEE. Obviously they're too young to know about SEX... by protection, kstafford was talking about protection... you the mafia. Gee, how's a kid supposed to know about SEX?

  11. By reading the forum?

  12. Yahahahah...

  13. @Fracas ducks are evil, can you imagine if they had teeth? they would rip your son's toes off he if didn't feed them bread made from the finest wheat.

  14. Ya. Ducks are evil. When I was nine, a duck stung my head and flew away, leaving me crying in the street like a stupid kid.
    Ducks are the meanest insect in the world.

  15. A duck stung you?
    Lost in translation.

  16. It depends who is throwing, Yella you should have [dare I say it] ducked

  17. Um, Ducks are insects now?

  18. If it walks like a mosquito and it quacks like a mosquito?
    Be kind to your webbed footed friend
    for a duck may be somebody's mother

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