Thank You Mike and Mark!

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    Got to thank you Guys!

    Quite a nasty surprise, but many Thanks to you Mike and Mark for allowing my blog to come back online.

    And thanks Mike for commenting how to post pics at the side of the blog!

    Thank You!

    I will be pulling my hair out if my blog got deleted!

    Now…got to go back to find ways to do backup!

    Another qns, I am looking around for hosts, and I found that most use either Cpanel or the H-type(did I spell it wrongly?) interface.

    Do both support Fantastico? Fantastico is essential for easy installation of WordPress right?

    And which hosting you guys recommend?

    Currently looking at Lunar Pages, BlueHost, and HostDepartment (Cheapest at $3.95/month)



    IMO you’re asking you quation in the wrong forum. Have you asked at



    I like myself. That’s where I have my own sites hosted off of my boxes.



    Hey guys.

    I have just purchased an account with LunarPages, and have moved my blog over to

    Thanks again!




    Why is Synhosting good? And what is the difference between shared hosting and normal hosting?

    I consider Lunar Pages, AN, Bluehost, or UnoEuro – or Synhosting, if it is better.

    Not primarily for bloghosting – I will not move my current blog as it is too much fuss for such a little thing. I want a domain for self-education, playing with webpage design, and PhP and MySQL, and perhaps Flash.

    Lunar Pages looks like the most competitive offer to me, comparing the essential features such as Php, MySQL, disk space, bandwith/Month (??? is that essential?), support, add on domains, and so on. The price is the same for all the hosts except UnoEuro which is much cheaper but not also offering much, and Synhosting which’ shared hosting plan, small, seems to be a bit cheaper.

    I saw AN and Bluehost on the WordPress host recommendations page.

    Any further recommendations with good explanations will be appreciated a lot!

    PS. Email addresses is an irrelevant feature



    shared hosting is what used to be called normal hosting. You share the box with other folks which is why it’s called “shared hosting.” I’ll just say that I like synhosting and we probably should leave it at that. Staff has told me that we shouldn’t be discussing hosts here in the forums. I will disclose though that the adverts on the recommend page are page adverts and wordpress gets payment for any new signups via those links.

    And, yes you need bandwidth. That’s how much traffic that gets passed from your site every month. A typical blog here probably does less than a gig a month though.



    I did suspect the recommendations were corrupted, because Bluehost is “featured” though it is clearly not the best offer, judging at the specifications.

    I would like to discuss hosts. Some people I know have recommended Lunar Pages . Synhosting is much cheaper though (considering I do not need everything included in the Lunar pages offer), and it looks reliable somehow. Also, I am not so trusting and the Lunar Pages offer will bind for 24 months, or be more expensive.

    But Synhosting seems a bit mysterious. What box?

    Sorry, we should not discuss it, that is what you said. Is there somewhere to go and discuss it?

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