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Thank you timethief!

  1. I'm not sure where to say this but just wanted you to know I appreciate your answering my question so quickly a few hours ago. took nap and don't know what I did but took down my last post and my home page went back to again!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. She's the best!

  3. Timethief seems to be answering forum questions all day and night.

  4. @udosero.....I'm wondering when she finds time to sleep

  5. Shhhhhhhh. You know she doesn't like it when we fawn too much.

  6. Timethief obviously steals time for sleep.

  7. Very good theory, udosero!

    And yes, also thank your from me, timethief.

  8. Timethief is not comfortable with effusive commenting. WTH ! Thanks for all the help TiTi...

    Grasshopper ;)

  9. I'd like to chime in, too. Thank you timethief!

  10. yeah...she helps a lot!

    god knows,when she gets time sleep.whenever i see forum of anytime there's a post of her's

    thank u timethef...

  11. Yes she is the best and so are all the others who help out here too ;) but TT jumps on it so damn fast it will make your head spin

    this post is long over due - lets have a toast to Time Thief


  12. I love you all but I feel very uncomfortable about this thread and I have flagged it and asked Staff to close it.
    Best wishes to you all,

  13. why closing it??this thread looks very good

  14. told ya...

  15. TT is a meek, mild & modest person I suppose, who does'nt like spotlights shined on her


  16. taylorcommunications


  17. It's the effusive commenting.....

  18. Timethief really, a big thank you to you and all of the people that contribute on here. That is a big reason why I selected Timethief, in addition to you work on the forum, your blog is most interesting as well.

  19. Don't forget raincoaster. He is good too. He seems to be so professional..

    The most attractive is his attitude :D

    TiTi is one of the oldest member and equally good. Good LUck to both and rest of all as well :) Enjoy blogging..

  20. Upon timethief's request this thread is now closed.

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